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CFM specialise in repairing any brand of gear units, both current and discontinued, employing extensively tried and tests diagnosis, repair and adjustment procedures.

Our equipment enable  maintenance of the complete shaft, including press-fitting and removal of wheels, brake discs and gear wheels using our Universal Press-Fitting Press, which we designed and manufactured ourselves, allowing us to operate on any type of axle.

We perform all manner of inspections and mechanical repairs at our workshop.

Our specialised personnel is highly skilled in diagnosing faults to perform repairs and maintain the equipment on our premises.

We boast resources and specifically designed tooling for each of our projects, thereby offering the highest level of quality and safety during our inspections, assemblies and handling.

We have a team of highly specialised technicians and engineers with extensive repairs and maintenance experience. We know how to detect the cause of equipment problems and work on improving these, assisting customers to reduce downtime expenses.

As the end product is the most important, we operate the best resources available to check the final quality of the work performed. We perform all necessary checks and tests to guarantee perfect operation of all serviced equipment.


The braking system is one of the key active safety systems for any vehicle.

CONSTRUCCIONES FERROVIARIAS DE MADRID specialise in the maintenance and repair of all types of pneumatic and hydraulic bogie-mounted brakes (Callipers, HPU, auxiliary equipment, etc…) and of other train-mounted pneumatic equipment (valves, couplers, etc…).

Out facilities are adapted to the requirements of different projects, with the necessary resources to perform the required tests, repairs and/or maintenance pursuant to the maintenance standards for different equipment and/or different projects.

We also possess the knowledge and experience to offer maximum quality and reliability in our maintenance and repair services.

Furthermore, we can provide engineering solutions, alternatives and improvements at our workshop for greater equipment durability and reliability


CONSTRUCCIONES FERROVIARIAS DE MADRID is the leading company when it comes to maintenance, repairs, reconditioning, obsolescence solutions and improving the reliability of industrial and railway on-board electronic/electric equipment.

Our modern facilities include warehouses, workshops and a laboratory fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to perform all manner of component electric/electronic repairs.


The Company’s human team is continuously trained and has the experience to guarantee satisfactory repairs with guarantees for all types of industrial electronic equipment.

We currently have both the knowledge and the experience to repair over 380 different pieces of equipment and devices.

Some of the equipment we repair includes:

Control PLCs.

Digital input and output boards.

Analogue input and output boards.

Air conditioning control boards.

Door control boards.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV recording central units

HMI/IHM, touch panels

CPU boards.

Main boards.

Public address system.

Rear view mirrors.

LCD monitors

LED monitors


Power supplies


Communication board.

Servomotor Control Board

Remote control handset.

We also have experience in the maintenance and repair of rail electric traction motors.


We are constantly working towards achieving maximum reliability in our repair work whilst providing the shortest delivery time possible. To achieve this::

  • We re-engineer electronic equipment.
  • We identify critical components.
  • We perform repairs using techniques based on the best international standards.
  • Validation in our repairs by means of specific test benches.

We use the highest quality components with all of our suppliers certified in the railway sector.

Our processes are in accordance with the highest quality standards and are subject to the applicable procedures and standards according to the Management system under standard UNE ISO 9001.

Our board repair processes are certified according to the international certificate IPC7711/21, which is the most habitually used standard in the electronics sector to describe the materials, methods and processes by which to perform modifications, reworking and repairs on electronic equipment.

The advantages of a repair contract with us are:

Quality Assurance and Improved Reliability. Aside from repairing or replacing faulty components, we can trace down the causes of the faults and suggest improvements to our customers so as to prevent future faults.

Competitive Prices.

Delivery timescale. Our customers do not need to increase stocks of new equipment or sustain non-availability as a result of not having access to the repaired spare part. The delivery timescales are subject to the availability of the components, which can be improved with a consignment stock of components or spare parts that agreed upon with the customer and based on our experience, to ensure the service within the optimum time period during the term of the contract.